Governor Hickenlooper should direct the COGCC to withdraw its appeal.

On Tuesday, the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans delivered letters from concerned Coloradans, local elected officials, and state legislators asking the Governor not to appeal the Martinez v. COGCC decision from the Colorado Court of appeals. Today, Governor Hickenlooper announced that the Attorney General Cynthia Coffman on behalf of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission was appealing the case anyway.

Here is the response from LOGIC and from an impacted Coloradan:

“It is disappointing that the state would move forward with an appeal on the basis that the decision “stands to have a profound effect on regulation and administrative decision making” regarding oil and gas development over ensuring that health and safety are taken into account when it comes to drilling in Colorado is appalling. Given that the nine members of the COGCC (including two voting members from his own cabinet) were all appointed by and all serve at the pleasure of the Governor. If he is sincere in his sentiments, we would ask that he take leadership and direct the COGCC to withdraw the appeal.”  – Sara Loflin, Executive Director of LOGIC

“I am disappointed and frustrated that elected officials and public servants at the state level would choose to play legal games over whether to put the health and safety of its residents first versus regulating the oil and gas industry. When I chose my neighborhood, the health and safety of my kids were a top consideration.  Our state needs to take the initiative to put the health and safety of residents first when it comes to industrial development like oil and gas.”  – Stacy Lambright, Thornton mom




Sara Loflin is the Executive Director of the League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans or LOGIC. LOGIC is an organization working to elevate the voices of Coloradans living with current and proposed oil and gas development in public policy decisions.

Stacy Lambright is an impacted mom from Thornton.