The League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans (LOGIC) seeks to elevate the voices of Coloradans around the state living near current and proposed oil and gas operations and for all concerned citizens working to pass balanced energy development policies that protect neighborhoods, homes, and our Colorado quality of life. LOGIC seeks smarter policies that prioritize public health, safety, and our natural resources.

“It is time to change the discussion around oil and gas development in Colorado – the right of the industry to develop minerals should not trump our rights. The issue is not pro- vs. anti- oil and gas development. We need a fair and balanced approach that protects Colorado residents from the risks and impacts of oil and gas drilling as oil companies continue to seek drilling sites closer than ever to homes and neighborhoods. Too many Colorado families are bearing an undue burden from oil and gas development.”
Dan Johnston Co-founder of Windsor Neighbors for Responsible Drilling
“We hope to work with LOGIC to address new drilling proposals near homes and neighborhoods in Adams County. LOGIC has the potential to unite Coloradans living near current and proposed oil and gas operations with other concerned citizens in the state. Together with LOGIC we can pass new energy policies that prioritize public health and safety, protect homes and schools, and still allow for responsible oil and gas development.”
Jacky Kowalsky Adams County Communities for Drilling Accountability NOW