Boulder CDP Citizens Alliance

Join Us For a Neighborhood Meeting on the Crestone Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP)

Please join “Boulder CDP Citizens Alliance” For a Neighborhood Meeting on the Crestone Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP)
On Thursday, June 8, 2017
From 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
At Front Range Community College, Room C1482
2190 Miller Drive, Longmont

Are you concerned about Crestone’s proposed CDP for our area and its impact to our environment?

Our objective is to ensure the local community’s interest is represented as the plan is being developed. We will:

  • Review the public processes and COGCC rules on Comprehensive Drilling Plans
  • Discuss well pad siting
  • Talk about the rights of the community members
  • Begin to develop a plan for community participation in this process.

Matt Sura, an attorney who represents land owners, mineral owners and local governments, will walk us through the CDP processes and COGCC rules. He participated in a task force that initiates the work in developing Rule 216 Comprehensive Development Plan.
Sara Loflin is the executive director of the non-profit organization, League of Oil and Gas Impacted Coloradans (LOGIC). She will discuss LOGIC’s advocacy for oil and gas policies and regulations that prioritize health and safety. She will talk about how we can work together to influence the CDP. This meeting is for CDP area residents – please attend. There is strength in

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Crestone Comprehensive Drilling Plan

In February 2017, Crestone Peak Resources Operating LLC filed an application with the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC), for approval of a “Comprehensive Drilling Plan (CDP)” in eastern Boulder County. A CDP, under Rule 216 of the Colorado Oil and Gas Rules & Regulations, is a preliminary step toward oil and gas development throughout a large area; in this case, the CDP covers 12 square miles in eastern Boulder County as shown in the map below.

Per the application, Crestone intends to develop of the plan over the next 6-9 months, with input from local governments, state agencies and affected landowners. It calls for the development of a maximum of 216 wells divided among 6-18 separate well pads in the CDP area, using hydraulic fracturing, and horizontal drilling technology. These are likely to be large, multi-well sites that are similar to the ones that we see in numerous places in Weld county.

On May 1st, COGCC approved the application for the development of the CDP. At the same time, Crestone, 8 North LLC and Kerr-McGee agreed to a nine-month voluntary standstill on filing of any permit applications within the CDP area. The final CDP is expected to be presented for COGCC approval in February 2018.

Boulder CDP Citizens Alliance

Boulder CDP Citizens Alliance is a group of landowners in the 12-square mile area. We intend to work together, not only with our neighbors but also with Crestone, COGCC and Boulder County to influence the location of the well pads and ensure that best management practices are enforced during the construction and on-going operations to minimize the disruption to our local quality of life, the health and safety of our communities, the impact to our environment, including the area’s open space/agriculture land.

Common Objectives:

  • Have a seat at the table in the Comprehensive Drilling Plan negotiations with the Operator (Crestone), the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and Boulder County.
  • Work with Boulder County to advocate in our favor.
  • Influence construction and operation plans to favor:
    • fewer pads.
    • pads located to minimize impact on property values.
    • pads located to minimize impact of construction and well production traffic on local residential areas.
    • pads located to minimize exposure to environmental pollutants especially the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)
    • a highest possible level of safe operation and monitoring during construction and production.

Contacts List:


Matt LePore
Director of the Oil & Gas Conservation Commission


Jamie Jost
Jost Energy Law, P.C. (Representing Crestone)


Boulder County

Elise Jones
County Commissioner

Deb Gardner
County Commissioner

Cindy Domenico
County Commissioner

Kim Sanchez
Chief Planner
Boulder County Land Use Department
Office Address:
2045 13th St.
Boulder, CO 80302
Mailing Address:
c/o Land Use Dept.
P.O. Box 471
Boulder CO 80306


Colorado State

John Hickenlooper

Cynthia H. Coffman
State Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General
Colorado Department of Law
Ralph L. Carr Judicial Building
1300 Broadway, 10th Floor
Denver, CO 80203

Matt Jones – State Senator

Mike Foote – State Representative