♦ There have been 16 explosions and fires at oil and gas sites since the tragic Firestone explosion last spring

♦  619 spills were reported in CO in 2017, 93,000 gallons of oil has contaminated groundwater, streams and soil

♦  Studies have found that living within a Half Mile (2,640 ft) of drilling increases serious human health risks including cancer, negative birth outcomes, lower birth weights, asthma, nose bleeds, respiratory problems neurological issues, sleep disorders and depression

♦  Over 600 new well applications have been filed at the state level for Adams County as of July 2018

♦  Current setbacks from wellheads are only 500 feet from homes and 1000 feet from High Occupancy Buildings, including schools (not playgrounds/athletic fields)

♦  Horizontal drilling can take place up 3 miles from wellheads

♦  Only 1% of mineral owners need to agree to mineral leasing, forcing the majority to be Force Pooled

♦  Homes near drilling pads and those that have individual water wells could potentially see a decline in property value

♦  A typical frack uses 5+ Million Gallons of fresh water, each well can be fracked up to 18 Times. Some well pads such as Tollway and Tower will have up to 30+ Wells

♦  A typical frack uses 5 Million Gallons of fresh water, each well can be fracked up to 18 Times. Some well pads such as Tollway and Tower will have up to 30 Wells. That’s 2 Billion 700 Million Gallons of fresh water that is mixed with toxic chemicals per pad that cannot be put back into our water cycle



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